Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed Review

In all, though, we give the sleepypod a big thumbs up! Even the mesh on the top of the carrier is strong, but soft.

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I think it’s the cadillac of cat carriers in terms of design, safety and ease of use.

Sleepypod mobile pet bed review. For travel, the sleepypod comes equipped with a mesh dome top, which can be opened at the top by a double zipper. And offering a safe way to secure the carrier in the car makes this mobile pet bed a real winner. Sleepypod air if you’ve ever had to research traveling by plane with your cat, you have most likely run into confusing size restrictions, depending on which airline you check with.

We purchased it to transport our little daisy in our van. We also shared how sleepypod focuses on safety. It’s a luxury bed, lined with ultraplush foam.

The sleepypod is easy to buckle into the car, and i love that it allows me to drive safely when i am by myself. The best feature of the sleepypod is its versatility. It’s veterinary approved and comes with plush washable bedding that any pet will love to get cozy in.

It is also great when we get to our destination (usually family's house) because it provides our dog with a familiar bed to hang out in until she gets comfortable enough. Everything in the sleepypod is soft or cushioned. This is perfect for dogs that like to know their surroundings and cats that like their privacy.

The sleepypod mobile pet bed is made of durable material called luggage grade ballistic nylon. We reviewed the sleepypod mobile pet bed a couple of years ago, and we were delighted to get a chance to review sleepypod’s other two models, the sleepypod air and the sleepypod atom. The sleepypod sells for $199.99 on the sleepypod site.

After all, pprs handilock specially designed to enhance sleepypod mobile pet bed car protection. How do you clean it? Our review of the sleepypod mobile pet bed.

Dome can be opened and closed by. Travel is safe and comfortable with a sleepypod. By offering your dog or cat its own personal space, pets will feel safe and secure inside their sleepypod.

The domes mesh allows for maximum visibility for. Most dogs, when in the car or travelling elsewhere, love to be able to poke their heads up and look around. This device helps lock the strap on top so that it doesn’t fly open in case of a crash.

Includes padded shoulder strap, mesh dome top with carrying handle, washable ultra plush bedding, water resistant foam liner, luggage grade nylon outer bed and instruction card. The domed cover unzips easily, so you can adapt it to your cat’s sleeping preference even while using it inside your home. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for sleepypod medium mobile pet bed, jet black at

The sleepypod mobile pet bed is three products in one. The sleepypod mobile pet bed comes in 2 sizes and a rainbow of beautiful colors. Some cats may prefer the top removed, others may like the security of the cover.

I love our sleepypod mobile pet bed. I was afraid she would be too tall but she just snuggles right in and relaxes on our daily trips around town. The solution we found was the sleepypod mobile pet bed.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. We previously posted a complete review of the sleepypod mobile pet bed in december 2018. Sleepypod mobile pet bed sleepypod as a car seat.

These cool and safe mobile pet beds by our partner sleepypod are a great choice for your pet! The sleepypod mobile pet bed is so much more than just a carrier. The sleepypod mobile pet bed is crash tested and certified for pets up to 15 pounds.

The sleepypod mobile pet bed is pprs handilock equipped, which helps with car safety. Using the sleepypod mobile pet. To remove exterior dirt, simply wipe the carrier in the direction of the fabric with a damp cloth and repeat as necessary.

Doesn’t regulate pet seats like kids’ car seats. It’s familiar to her, so it reduces her stress. They are a secure way of traveling with your pet while providing them with a comfy bed.

Accommodates pets up to 15 pounds / 7kg dogs recommended up to 12 pounds / 6kg (for comfort) She was use to traveling in an open box type of car carrier and i was afraid she would fuss about being completely confined, but not a peep! The sleepypod mobile pet bed is amazing.

After comfort and familiarity, the sleepypod offers safety to your pets. August 29, 2011• product reviews. Yes, this pet bed pprs is developed by sleepypod and engineered to protect pets in automobiles and to lessen the possibilities of injury in any unwanted accidents.

But then there are also some (cats included) that would rather just sleep and not know what’s going on. Each pet is different however, so owners should consider their pet’s preferences when choosing a carrier. Available in various colours via the sleepypod website.

She can't bump her head on metal bars when you make a sharp turn, because there are no metal bars. It’s a carrier, a safe car seat, and a bed. Each pprs design goes through a crash test to ensure pet safety.

The sleepypod mobile pet bed is the perfect solution for taking your pet on the go. Its sturdy mesh lid, which easily zips around the base of the pod, keeps your pet safely inside. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can.

I love this because lexy can travel to the vet in the comfort of one of her favorite beds with all the smells of home. Companies can make claims about safety that don’t necessarily hold up. I’m just so super thrilled with ours, and it’s totally changed my view of pet safety in cars.

You can read our full review here.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed Review & Buyer's Guide Airline

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed Review & Buyer's Guide Airline

Sleepypod® Luxury pet carrier Cat Carrier Dog Carrier

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