Praying Mantis For Sale Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide

Praying Mantis For Sale Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide
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If you’re a fan of keeping exotic pets, then you’ve probably already considered getting a praying mantis. These intriguing insects are fascinating to watch and make for great conversation starters. But before you go out and buy one, there are a few things you need to know. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about buying a praying mantis for sale in Colorado.

Where to Buy Praying Mantis in Colorado

The first thing you need to do is find a reputable seller. You can start by checking out local pet stores or online shops. Make sure to read reviews and check the seller’s reputation before making a purchase. You want to make sure you’re getting a healthy and well-cared-for praying mantis.

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Online Shops

There are several online shops that sell praying mantis, including Backwater Reptiles and Bugs in Cyberspace. These shops offer a wide variety of species and have a good reputation among pet owners.

Local Pet Stores

You can also check out local pet stores in Colorado that carry exotic pets. Make sure to ask the staff about the praying mantis’s diet and care requirements, as they can vary depending on the species.

Choosing the Right Species

There are over 2,400 species of praying mantis, so it’s important to choose the right one for you. Some species are easier to care for than others, so make sure to do your research before making a purchase. Some popular species include the Chinese mantis and the African mantis.

Caring for Your Praying Mantis

Once you’ve purchased your praying mantis, it’s important to provide the proper care. This includes providing the right diet, temperature, and humidity levels. You’ll also need to provide a suitable enclosure, such as a terrarium.


Praying mantis are carnivorous and primarily eat insects. You can feed them crickets, mealworms, and other insects that are appropriate for their size.

Temperature and Humidity

Praying mantis require specific temperature and humidity levels to thrive. The ideal temperature range is between 75-85°F, and the humidity level should be around 60%.


Your praying mantis will need a suitable enclosure, such as a terrarium. Make sure to provide plenty of branches and leaves for them to climb on.

Common Health Issues

Like any pet, praying mantis can experience health issues. Some common issues include mites, bacterial infections, and dehydration. Make sure to monitor your praying mantis’s behavior and appearance to identify any potential health issues.


Overall, owning a praying mantis can be a rewarding experience. By choosing the right species and providing proper care, you can enjoy watching these fascinating insects grow and thrive. Make sure to do your research and purchase from a reputable seller to ensure you’re getting a healthy and well-cared-for praying mantis.

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