Mosquito Magnet Independence Flashing Red Light

Mosquito Magnet Independence Flashing Red Light

Do not return your product to the store. Bug bag may be full or clogged.

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Trap is running normally Red Off.

Mosquito magnet independence flashing red light. Standard Maintenance tips apply. Gwi310615 If you have a fault code follow these instructions. Try purchased and used in the United States.

Possible Causes 1 3 above may apply. Charge your Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus for 24 hours at the beginning of each season see page 6. Gas is emptyinsufficient gas flow.

A Mosquito Magnet is a mosquito-catching device that creates a warm flow of carbon dioxide that mimics human breath and sucks the insects into a trap when they come near. The fan starts red light flashing fan goes quiet then the rapid red problem-light comes on. Red On Yellow on Green Flashing.

Httpsamznto2zYwuUJ This video is a tutorial on how to. For Liberty Plus Independence Executive and Commander Models Nozzle. Thank youCleaning up a Mosquito Magnet Independence that has not been running we.

Or at your local Mosquito Magnet Dealer. The manufacturer insists that you have your cylinders purged when you buy them essentially filled and emptied in a way that LP gas displaces any regular air and that you never ever use cylinder. Two and a half hours drive each way.

Solenoid is not working. At this point the light on the power switch should be blinking slowly. Mosquito Magnet Liberty Panel Display Light Codes.

To repair a mosquito magnet can be completed at home. Not working I have a Fault Code. The display examples below occur during normal operation of the trap.

Below are the possible fault codes you might see on the Mosquito Magnet Liberty. The lower-end Mosquito Magnet models can only show a fast-blinking red light instead of an error code and it usually indicates a failure to ignite. After about 5 to 10 minutes the trap should be fully operational which will be indicated by a solid red light on the back of the unit.

High Temperature Reading Flashing Red Green. Trap will not power up. Igniter is not working.

There is a lot of other information at the Mosquito Magnet website. The Mosquito Magnet website has a lot of support for owners of their products. Click on the image of the fault code that you have for troubleshooting steps.

This will be indicated with a solid red light on the switch. For example spring startup Mosquito Magnet Defender Troubleshooting. The smallest amount of regular air in the tank will cause the Mosquito Magnet to shut down with its flashing little red light indicating a problem.

Go through above steps 1 3. Summary of Contents for Mosquito Magnet INDEPENDENCE. I need to reach 1000 subscribers.

Flashing Red Orange. Mosquito Magnet Independence. Our 360 Customer Support.

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus What to do if you have the Patriot Plus fault Code After you start the trap if you notice fast blinking light on the switch this indicates that there was a problem during start up. Do not return your product to the store. If the problem persists and you keep getting a fault code please call technical support.

This video will show you how to repair a damaged thermistor inside your mosquito magnet to get it back up and running. Gas is empty Insufficient gas flow Slow Flashing Red. Trap is in Warm Up Red Off Yellow Flashing Green Off.

Electrical Problem Solid Red. And the machine stops. Check out my website WWWmechanixspeci.

Red On Yellow flashing Green Flashing. Gas is empty Insufficient gas flow. Periodically wipe down the outside of the Liberty Plus with a clean water damp cloth.

On July 17 2009 I purchased a Mosquito magnet Independence Model for 559 plus 40 tax fro Home Depot in. There is a Broken Part. Mosquito Magnet- On-Line Troubleshooting Guide.

If the problem persists and you keep getting a fault code even after you have tried up to 3 Quick Clear cartridges then call us. Not catching mosquitos or Low Catch. Virtual Liberty Start Up.

Keep side vents plume tube and net clean. I tried using a Quick Clear cleaning cartridge as well as swapping propane tanks to make sure it wasnt the propane. The devices use a propane tank as fuel to create a continuous output of heat and gas.

If you like my content please subscribe. At this point the light on the power switch should be blinking slowly. Trap is Off Red off Yellow off Green off.

Continuous Warm Up Solid Orange. This fault could indicate one of several problems. Even went out and bought a brand new gas bottle.

Propane tank lasts moreless than 21 days. After the gas ignites within 5 to 10 minutes the unit should be fully operational. Quick Clear Valve 1.

Thermistor Fault Fast Flashing Red. I took it back to the shop. The net is more durable but the netting still needs to be installed correctly and be free of pollen and bug debris.

Products if the serial number has been removed hooking that tank up to the Independence Red LED light flashing 5. After about 5 to 10 minutes the trap should be fully operational which will be indicated by a solid red light on the back of the unit.

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