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A vintage print of a prehistoric relative of the modern day elephants the Deinotherium. Dinotherium Deinotherium giganteum prehistoric relative to the elephant with downward curving tusks.

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Mar 21 2018 – Explore ktoliks photos on Flickr.

Images of the elephant deinotherium. In life it probably resembled modern elephants except it had downward-curving tusks attached to the lower jaw. The length of the body from different species ranged from 357 metres and the height at the shoulders reaching 35 m average 354 m and weight can be up to 810 m. Top images shows males bottom images shows females.

On the surface they resembled modern elephants but the proportions differed from them. Deinotherium is a fauna species specifically a terrestrial. A fully grown male Deinotherium giganteum could have weighed as much as fourteen tonnes and been over four metres high at the shoulder.

Deinotherium Monsters of the Past Card 101 back. Apart from its sizable four to five ton weight the most notable feature of Deinotherium was its short downward-curving tusks so different from the usual elephant. Coloration is random but is dependent on gender.

In Deinotherium derives from the same Greek root as the dino. Deinotherium fossils are. The most comprehensive image search on the web.

This is a print of an. Deinotherium was one of the largest animals of the Late Miocene-Middle Pliocene. Download Elephant skull stock photos.

Giganteum are around 3640 m 118131 ft tall and weighed 8812 tonnes 87118 long tons. Feb 13 2014 – Deinotherium giganteum deinotherium giganteum tooth deinotherium giganteum tooth from the. 1292012 The name Deinotherium means terrible beasts and European specimens suggest that some of these prehistoric elephants were amongst the largest land living creatures of the Late Miocene epoch.

These large mammals lived from the Middle Miocene until the Early Pleistocene. Journeys in deep time. The arrival of the animal caravan of Casanova of Cassala in Hamburg with ostriches giraffes and small elephants digital improved reproduction of a.

Two adults of D. Actually a genus of prehistoric elephant was one of the largest non-dinosaur animals ever to roam the earth rivaled only by contemporary thunder beasts. Like Brontotherium and Chalicotherium.

Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images photos and vectors. Left images show adults right images show infants. Deinotherium Monsters of the Past Card 101 front.

Deinotherium was Seen in the PBS Documentary When Whales Walked. Heinrich Harder 1858-1935 was a German landscape artist and book illustrator. Ktolik has uploaded 373 photos to Flickr.

The Deinotherium is a Legendary cenozoic creature in Jurassic World. Monsters of the Past. Deinotherium makes an appearance in the 4th episode of Walking With Prehistoric Beasts.

Deinotherium was a large proboscidean. In dinosaur–this terrible mammal. Colour printed illustration by Heinrich Harder from Tiere der Urwelt Animals of the Prehistoric World 1916 Hamburg.

This is similar to adult males of D. Browse 6967 old elephant stock photos and images available or search for baby elephant or african elephant to find more great stock photos and pictures. 8192020 During that time it changed very little.

Mid Miocene-Early Pleistocene Length.

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