How To Draw A Cute Elephant Easy

You have just drawn your elephant head. Detail of the elephants face.

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8102017 Follow along to learn how to draw this cute cartoon elephant animal step by step easy.

How to draw a cute elephant easy. Fill the pink color to inner ears and trunk tip. In this quick tutorial youll learn how to draw a Cute Elephant in 4 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists. Enjoy each of the steps on how to draw a cute elephant.

7Finally color it carefully the cute cartoon elephant is finished. Add the basic facial features which are the eyes and the mouth of the mammal. Then draw two ovals to get an eye.

How to Draw a Cute Elephant – Easy Pictures to Draw. Then draw another ear on the left. 572018 However if you want to be more specific you can draw rounded ears for an African elephant and more triangle like ears for the Asian elephant.

Then draw a long arc. 3Draw another tusk and then draw a big ear. Keep all your lines with the graphite pen very light because you will erase almost all of the lanes later on.

2Then draw an oval ear on each side of the head and draw a semi-elliptical nose under the head. SUPPLIES You Might Love Am. Cute Baby Elephant Drawing.

Draw the first pair of legs. Then draw a circle containing a smaller circle and a small oval. Draw a few curves extending from the top.

11162019 1Draw a heart shape first and leave a gap at the bottom. Follow along to learn how to draw and color a cute elephant Squismallow easy step by step. We can see them sad in.

To the head we finish a large and thick trunk. 392016 How to Draw a Cute Elephant – Easy Pictures to Draw – YouTube. Then draw an ivory.

Draw a few short curved lines at the top of the head to form a bun. 6252020 How to draw an elephant. Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

Draw three curves to get the outline of the head. 6Draw the body and a hind leg. Round it and draw a line to the trunk.

2Draw the elephants nose mouth and tusk. 5Draw the outline of your body and two arms and one leg. Cute Baby Elephant Drawing.

5Finally paint the color this cute curious elephant is done. 5Draw two front legs short. Here are some interesting facts about the elephant you may like.

3Draw two big ears and complete the outline of the head. Draw a big ear on the right and a curve on the ear. On the sides of the trunk we have tusks.

Draw three thick legs then draw the belly of the elephant. Shade the smaller circle to form the pupils. 6Draw another leg and the hands and feet.

This is going to be a cute cartoon elephant so in order to make the elephant look cute we will use some very specific form-language. Draw along and have a laugh. You have done with a cute elephant.

3292019 Hope you loved the Elephant joke. For each eye draw a horizontal curve and surround an oval above it. Starting from the middle of the left ear draw a horizontal line in the left direction.

Interesting Facts about Elephant. Sketch the floppy ears of this cute elephant. 3Draw round eyes and triangular ivory and then draw some arcs on the nose.

Draw your body legs and toes then draw a small tail on the right side of your body. 5162018 Make the large head shape of the elephant. Sketch the suited lines for the tusk of the elephant emphasizing this distinct part.

2Draw the nose and upper part of the elephants head. Then draw a tail and the details on the eye and nose. Art for kids drawing tutorial lesson.

The lighter you draw your lines the easier they are to erase later on. On it we depict strips in a horizontal position. Give the final touch to its tail and draw some basic colors.

5Draw small arches on your feet for toes. Draw the other ear. Also draw a line from the tusk towards the ear but dont make it all the way to the ear.

11162019 1First draw an oval this is the head of the elephant. The lovely elephant is. 4Draw the elephants eye and mouth and color the eye.

Draw the grey color in its body leaving the nails off white. The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved. 4Draw an eyebrow above the eye then the mouth and ivory.

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