Endless Lizard Painting Sea Of Thieves

Endless Lizard Painting Sea Of Thieves
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The Background of Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an action-packed, online multiplayer game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. It was released in 2018 and has since received numerous updates and expansions. The game revolves around a player-controlled pirate, who sails the seas, explores islands, and engages in battles with other players and non-player characters.

The Update: Endless Lizard Painting

In the most recent update of Sea of Thieves, players were introduced to a new activity called “Endless Lizard Painting.” This activity involves the capturing and painting of lizards found on various islands throughout the game’s world. The painted lizards can then be sold to a new faction called the “Lizard Traders,” who offer special rewards for these unique creatures.

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The Mechanics of Endless Lizard Painting

To participate in Endless Lizard Painting, players must first find and capture a lizard using a specialized tool called the “Lizard Catcher.” Once the lizard is caught, the player can then choose from a variety of paint colors to decorate their new pet. The painted lizard is then stored in the player’s inventory until they are ready to sell it to the Lizard Traders.

The Rewards of Endless Lizard Painting

The Lizard Traders offer unique rewards for players who participate in Endless Lizard Painting. These rewards include new cosmetic items for the player’s pirate character, as well as exclusive ship decorations and emotes. In addition, players who sell a certain number of painted lizards to the Lizard Traders can earn a special title that can be displayed next to their pirate’s name.

Tips for Endless Lizard Painting

To maximize their success in Endless Lizard Painting, players should focus on capturing lizards on the larger islands in the game’s world. These islands tend to have more varied and colorful lizard populations, which can lead to higher profits when sold to the Lizard Traders. Additionally, players should experiment with different paint colors and patterns to create unique and eye-catching lizards that are sure to fetch a high price.

The Future of Sea of Thieves

Endless Lizard Painting is just one of the many updates and expansions that Rare has planned for Sea of Thieves in the coming years. The game’s community continues to grow, with new players joining every day. As Rare continues to add new content and refine existing gameplay mechanics, the future of Sea of Thieves looks bright.


Endless Lizard Painting is a fun and engaging addition to Sea of Thieves. It offers players a new way to explore the game’s world and earn unique rewards. With the continued support of Rare and Microsoft Studios, Sea of Thieves is sure to remain a popular and exciting online multiplayer game for years to come.

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