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Elephant Mask Pageantry in the PalaceBamum Kingdom Cameroon Democratic Republic of the Congo Browse this content Crucifix Female Mask Chokwe peoples Power Figure Kongo peoples Portrait of King Mishe miShyaang maMbul Kuba peoples Lukasa Memory Board Luba peoples Buli Master Prestige Stool. Most ekuk masks bore prominent animal attributes including the bata or ram mask which was characterized by horns curved around the face.

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10112017 Bundu masks created in the 19 th and 20 th centuries in Sierra Leone were crafted by men but worn by women during initiation masquerades.

Elephant mask art history. Elephant mask composed of colorful cloth and beads. Wood woven raffia cloth beads cowrie shells Location. For example the Libyan Tadrart Acacus a UNESCO World Heritage site features a rock carving of an elephant from the last phase of the Pleistocene epoch 120008000 BC rendered.

Elephant Aka Mask Kuosi Society Bamileke Peoples Grassfields region of Cameroon 20th century cloth beads raffia fiber 1467 x 521 x 292 cm Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn New York The austere display of this powerful object masks the complexity of its original context. These masks represent the importance of women in Mende society as well as the emphasis on. Gift of Jeff.

Hoodlike face- round eyes with red beads and white cloth- strong navy blue tones in the cloth. The image of Ganesha is a composite one. Artistic style of the work.

The elephant mask is one of the most valuable objects from the Museum collections and it reflects the recognisable Bamileke approach to the decoration and symbolical enrichment of objects through the use of multicoloured beads. Elephant Mask Kuosi Society Bamileke Peoples Cameroon. Connection between divine rule.

The kuosi society rewareded artists for the finest elephant transformations. Elephant societies that originated in Bamileke and spread elsewhere in the Grasslands consist of three graded ranks attained by wealth. Cameroon Western Grassfields region.

The image of Ganesha thus represents mans eternal striving towards integration with nature. The isosceles triangles reflect the patterning on a leopard body. 10112017 -Danced by members of the Elephant Society in the Bamileke kingdom of Cameroon -This masquerade consisted of both performers and musicians wearing costumes to bring this mask to life -The leopard was believed by the Elephant Society to be able to transform into a human being -Still perform this ritual annually by powerful members of society.

All of them individually and collectively have deep symbolic significance. Mask in the shape of an elephant with many colors blues yellows whites reds and beads as decorations each pattern and color representing something. Female Caryatid Luba or Hemba peoples.

10122017 Subject matter or narrative. Mask wears its own hat. The imported glass beads used to make this mask were highly prized and costly and the rights to wear such a mask are restricted to royalty court officials and.

These elephant masks signifying kingship and wealth were worn by the powerful members of the Kuosi regulatory society which included members of royalty wealthy title holders and ranking warriors of the. From Stone Age rock-art to Modern age street-art the elephant has remained a popular subject for artists. Prehistoric North Africans depicted the elephant in Paleolithic age rock art.

The essence of powerful animals. Cameron western grassfields region Artist. Elephants were associated with the power and authority of kings b.

Cowrie shell decoration on the face and rest of mask. The artist who created the aka elephant mask continued the bamileke tradition of incorporating elephant imagery in the work because a. 19th to 20th Century CE.

Other animal features such as trunks and beaks inspired Kwele artists to carve elements that project beyond a single pictorial field. Aka Elephant Mask Date. 3 days ago – Voiceover The Bamileke king the Fon allowed this society and only this one to dance the elephant mask and to wear leopard skin.

The elephant mask made in the grassfields region of Cameroon would have been worn at funerals. Four animals viz man elephant the serpent and the mouse have contributed for the makeup of his figure. In West and Central Africa the elephant is a potent image of political force and the accumulation of wealth by those in power.

This is true for the art of the Cameroon Grasslands the origin of this mask which is elaborately decorated with imported glass beads and represents an elephant. Bamileke Cameroon western grasslands region c. They were entrusted with these symbols of authority and power.

The leopard and elephant symbolize the kings power and authority.

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