Famous Bored Ape Nft Steph Curry References

Famous Bored Ape Nft Steph Curry References. Steph curry bought this ape 30 minutes ago for. Bored ape yacht club is a collection of 10,000 ape nfts that live on the ethereum blockchain.

Famous Bored Ape Nft Steph Curry References
Untitled Collection 227259459 Collection OpenSea from opensea.io

The ape was sold in august 2021 on opensea, an nft marketplace. It is the hottest selling nft in the crypto world. The golden state warriors star recently spent 55 eth or around $180,000 to buy the nft.

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The Nfts Stolen Included A Bored Ape, Two Mutant Apes, And A Doodle.

Eminem, steph curry, jimmy fallon ve mark cuban gibi ünlülerin sahipleri; Curry wasn’t the first notable athlete to buy a bored ape, but he was surely the most prominent one when he joined in late august. “the mayc is a way to reward our ape holders with an entirely new nft—a “mutant” version of their ape—while also allowing newcomers.

Steph Curry Buys In To Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Now, stephen curry is one of the latest to get his hands on an exclusive nft. Bagian dari alasan untuk ini mungkin adalah fakta bahwa banyak selebriti super seperti steph curry, telah membeli nft bored ape untuk foto profil twitter. Yeni bir tokna, varlık kulübünün bir parçası olmak için başka bir teşvik olarak apecoin (ape) olarak adlandırıldı.

With The World Of Nfts Exploding Like A Blast Of (Pixelated) Confetti, It’s Hard To Keep Up With The Daily Headlines.

The nft in question is a piece of digital artwork featuring a randomly generated ape. Well, to be more precise, it is a bored ape, a collection of nfts from the bored ape yacht club. With over 15 million followers on twitter, the nba star has sent crypto twitter on a frenzy.

While Cryptopunks Might Be The First Set Of Nfts, They Are Not The Only One That Comes As A Collection.

Stephen curry bought top collectible bored ape #7990 for $180,000. Steph curry’s bored ape yacht club nft collectible cost him $180,000. Steph curry became the latest addition to the bored ape yacht club after he acquired a bored ape nft.

Viewed 3,200 Times, There Is Currently A Bid.

Warriors superstar stephen curry makes huge 180k purchase from www.totalprosports.com. According to hypebeast, the basketball superstar purchased a bored ape yacht club nft for 55 eth which equates to $180,000 usd. It houses 10,000 nfts made up of apes with a wide range of features and characteristics such as accessories, fur color, sizes, background colors, and more.

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