Tiger Images Dataset

Alaska has governmental entities called boroughs which fill a similar governmental role to counties but in. The United States Census Bureau TIGER dataset contains the 2018 boundaries for the primary governmental divisions of the United States.

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Cold winter in tajga Russ.

Tiger images dataset. Tiger re-identification aims to find all the database images containing the same tiger as the query. 100 test images are not provided and final accuracy will be compared with the test dataset. The 7 Class Types are.

And each label is specified in the image name. 2006 – 2020 CD 113. Tiger in wild winter nature.

900 training images and 100 validation images are provided for each type. The Stanford Cars dataset consists of 196 classes of cars with a total of 16185 images taken from the rear. We collected the shots from 188 car ads 12 min each and 14 nature documentaries about tigers 40 min amounting to roughly 14 h of video.

There are 16 variables with various traits to describe the animals. The tiger image dataset consists of a total of 1258 images. This dataset consists of 101 animals from a zoo.

Both mAP and rank-1 accuracy will be used to evaluate accuracy. The data is divided into 1058 training images and 200 testing images. Files are extremely large.

The dataset is selected from LabelMe Outdoor dataset and SUN Attribute dataset. The data is divided into almost a 50-50 traintest split with 8144 training images and 8041 testing images. We automatically partitioned these raw videos into shorter shots and kept only those showing at least one instance of the.

This track will evaluate the accuracy of tiger re-identification in wild with a fully automated pipeline. 146140 tiger stock photos are available royalty-free. Approximately 12700 images of 16 different Lego bricks classified by folders and computer rendered.

We offer a total of three types of image datasets. Categories are typically at the level of Make Model Year. Overview This dataset consists of around 80000 color and IR thermal images associated with flights conducted in Alaska by the NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center in 2019.

Images have been annotated with around 28000 bounding boxes 14000 on color images. Zoo Animal Classification. In addition to the fifty states the Census Bureau treats the District of Columbia Puerto Rico and each of the island areas American Samoa the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Guam and the US.

Contribute to openimagesdataset development by creating an account on GitHub. 1226 images of 256256 pixels in size. The United States Census Bureau TIGER dataset contains the 2018 boundaries for primary legal divisions of US states.

17 noun attribute and 30 nounadjective attribute pairs. Camera trap database serves as objective records of an animals presence at a location and information on activity patterns from the date and time contained in the image behaviour and pelage characteristics that enable individual identification Rovero et al 2008. NOAA Fisheries is a cooperator with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Lummi Nooksack and Stillaguamish Tribes in a 10-year program to rebuild the South Fork Nooksack River spring Chinook and Stillaguamish River fall Chinook stocks through a captive broodstock program.

The purpose for this dataset is to be able to predict the classification of the animals based upon the variables. DataSet on Chinook Salmon from North America. The dataset which I am providing is free and open-source.

Cheetahs jaguars and tigers. Image Datasets for Computer Vision Training. Designed for use in ArcGIS.

The Open Images dataset. Remotely-triggered cameras are used for camera trapping that automatically take images of whatever moves in front of them. Virgin Islands as the statistical.

The SceneAtt dataset is used for studying shared attribute models and scene spatial configurations. Action wildlife scene with danger animal. Close up view of a Siberian tiger.

This dataset contains video shots for two different classes. You can use this dataset for research training model building your projects educational purpose etc. Full detail not generalized Extensive.

This dataset belongs to me. To simulate the real use case no annotations are. Portrait of a Royal Bengal tiger alert and staring at the camera.

Amur tiger running in the snow. In Louisiana these divisions are known as parishes. In most states these entities are termed counties.

Mammal Bird Reptile Fish Amphibian Bug and Invertebrate. The images are 360240. Tiger Re-ID in the Wild.

Useful for users needing national datasets or all major boundaries by state. A large dataset created by the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory CSAIL containing 187240 images 62197 annotated images and 658992 labeled objects.

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