Step By Step African Elephant Drawing

Pick the direction of the light source when shading so that the shadows are consistent with it. At a small distance to the right draw a circle of smaller diameter for the head.

Sketch By Pen African Elephant Front View Elephant Art Drawing Elephant Sketch Elephant Art

3102020 How to draw a realistic elephant step by step.

Step by step african elephant drawing. This is a 22-page step-by-step African Elephant drawing tutorial showing you exactly how I drew this African Elephant in graphite and black and white colored pencils with photos and descriptions. This helps ground the elephant so it doesnt appear to be floating. Add the 2 remaining legs.

Connect these figures approximately as shown in my figure it will be the neck of an elephant. Next fill in a circle in the middle for the iris. Finish up the trunk.

Were going to draw the final lines now. Add a cast shadow underneath. Next using simple geometric shapes mark elephants head and body.

Drawing An African Elephant – Step-By-Step Tutorial quantity. 572018 Elephant Drawing Instructions Step 1. Finish the feet of the first 2 legs.

Add shading to give your elephant drawing more volume and dimension. Start by drawing the tusk of your African Elephant in pencil. Draw this Elephant by following this drawing lesson.

If youre drawing traditionally use a darker tool for them or put a new sheet of paper on top. Draw another bigger inverted S shape just under step 1 this will form your trunk. Also start drawing the elephant head and a little lens shape at the bottom of the head.

When drawing your African elephant you will need to start by drawing head body and ears. Draw another shape just like it under it. To begin with you will begin with a stopping curve at the top of the head and downward into the trunk.

Draw the outline of the tusks. Add the eyes ears and the feet details to complete the Drawing of the Elephant. Close the front of the trunk with a small m kind of shape and then draw the head from the upper line of the trunk with a little arc below it refer image given below.

Draw an inverted S shape as we are drawing an elephant with the trunk on the left of the paper. 10102017 How to Finish the Drawing of an Elephant. Draw lightly at first so that you can erase easily if you want to change anything.

Draw outlines for head. Draw on paper silhouettes outermost points. Draw outlines for arms legs hands.

Learn how I drew each section and used layering to create a realistic drawing. Draw an oval to create the elephants eye. Outline the head and ears.

Sketch the back and lower chest. How to Draw an African Elephant. Create a hook at the end of the trunk and draw.

Draw the under belly tail and beginning of the snout. Draw an oval. Add details to the trunk.

Depending on which direction your elephant will be facing either draw an S or a reversed S. Vary the pressure on your pencil to get different degrees of tonal value. How to Draw an African Elephant Head – Step-by-Step Tutorial.

Elephants are wrinkly so draw some extra lines all over it. Drawing tutorials for kids and beginners. Learn How to draw a Elephant easy and step by step.

Lets start with the eye. Begin by drawing the forehead of the Elephant. Video Standard Printable Step by Step.

Begin the drawing with the original outline in the form of a large circle for the trunk. Now draw two curving lines for the eyelids. Nov 27 2015 – How to draw an African Elephant step by step.

Draw the little dark eye and the wrinkles around it. You can also see the elephant trunk forming. Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw an African Elephant African elephant is a strong black color animal found in African countries such as Nigeria.

Start to draw the outline of the legs from the body.

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