Po The Panda Costume: A Comprehensive Review

Po The Panda Costume: A Comprehensive Review
Kung Fu Panda Baby Costume Infant from www.walmart.com

The Origin of Po the Panda Costume

Po the Panda Costume has been a popular costume choice for many years now. It was first introduced in the animated movie “Kung Fu Panda” in 2008. The costume’s popularity has only grown since then, with many people choosing it for Halloween, cosplay events, and other occasions.

The Design of Po the Panda Costume

The Po the Panda Costume is designed to resemble the character from the movie. It typically includes a black and white jumpsuit with a hood that has the panda’s face and ears attached. The costume is often made from soft, plush material, making it both comfortable and cute.

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The Cost of Po the Panda Costume

The cost of Po the Panda Costume can vary depending on where you purchase it. Online retailers like Amazon and Walmart offer the costume for around $30-$40. However, if you opt for a higher-end costume, the price can be upwards of $100.

Tips for Wearing Po the Panda Costume

Accessorize Appropriately

To make your Po the Panda Costume stand out, consider adding accessories like bamboo sticks or a kung fu belt. These will help complete the look and make you feel like a true martial arts master.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

While the Po the Panda Costume is comfortable to wear, it’s important to choose the right shoes. A pair of black or white sneakers will work well, as they won’t clash with the costume and will keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Practice Your Kung Fu Moves

If you really want to get into character, practice your kung fu moves. You can watch videos online or take a class to learn the basics. This will help you feel like Po the Panda and impress your friends with your skills.

Where to Wear Po the Panda Costume

The Po the Panda Costume is a versatile outfit that can be worn to a variety of events. Here are some ideas:

Halloween Parties

Po the Panda Costume is a popular choice for Halloween parties. You can wear it as a standalone costume or as part of a group costume with your friends.

Cosplay Events

If you’re a fan of the “Kung Fu Panda” franchise, you can wear the Po the Panda Costume to cosplay events. This will help you connect with other fans and show off your love for the series.

Children’s Parties

Children love Po the Panda, so why not wear the costume to a children’s party? You can entertain the kids by performing some kung fu moves and posing for pictures.


The Po the Panda Costume is a fun and comfortable outfit that’s perfect for a variety of events. Whether you’re wearing it for Halloween, cosplay, or a children’s party, you’re sure to have a great time. So go ahead and channel your inner martial arts master with the Po the Panda Costume!

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