Picture Spider-Man 3: What We Know So Far

Picture Spider-Man 3: What We Know So Far
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Spider-Man has been a beloved superhero for decades, and with the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans have been eagerly anticipating the next installment in the franchise. The highly anticipated Spider-Man 3 is set to be released in 2023, and fans are already buzzing with excitement about what the movie might entail.

The Plot

While the plot of Spider-Man 3 is still largely unknown, there have been some hints dropped along the way. One of the biggest rumors is that the movie will take inspiration from the comic book storyline “One More Day,” in which Peter Parker makes a deal with the devil to save Aunt May’s life. However, this is just speculation, and we won’t know for sure until the movie is released.

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The Cast

One thing we do know for sure is that Tom Holland will be reprising his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the third movie. Alongside Holland, we can also expect to see returning cast members such as Zendaya as MJ, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, and Jacob Batalon as Ned. Additionally, there have been rumors that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield may be making appearances in the movie, but nothing has been confirmed.

The Villains

One of the most exciting aspects of Spider-Man 3 is the potential for a crossover with other Spider-Man universes. It has been confirmed that Alfred Molina will be reprising his role as Doctor Octopus from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. Additionally, Jamie Foxx will be returning as Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. There have also been rumors that Willem Dafoe may be returning as the Green Goblin, and that Thomas Haden Church may return as Sandman.

The Release Date

Spider-Man 3 is set to be released on December 21, 2023. While this may seem like a long time to wait, it’s not uncommon for big-budget movies like this to take several years to produce. In the meantime, fans can speculate and theorize about what the movie might entail.


Overall, Spider-Man 3 is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the Spider-Man franchise. While there is still much we don’t know about the movie, the potential for crossovers with other Spider-Man universes and the return of beloved villains has fans buzzing with excitement. We can’t wait to see what Tom Holland and the rest of the cast have in store for us when the movie is released in 2023.

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