Left Shark Halloween Costume: A Fun And Unique Idea For 2023

Left Shark Halloween Costume: A Fun And Unique Idea For 2023
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The Origin of Left Shark

In 2015, Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime performance featured two dancing sharks. One of these sharks, now famously known as Left Shark, became an instant sensation for its hilarious and out-of-sync dance moves. Left Shark quickly became a viral meme and a popular Halloween costume idea.

How to Create Your Own Left Shark Costume

Creating your own Left Shark costume is easy and affordable. All you need is a blue hoodie, blue sweatpants, and some felt fabric in white, black, and pink. Cut out the shapes of the shark fin, eyes, and mouth from the felt and glue them onto the hoodie and sweatpants accordingly. You can even add some stuffing to the fin to make it stand out more.

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Where to Buy a Left Shark Costume

If you’re not the DIY type, you can easily purchase a pre-made Left Shark costume online or in stores. Popular retailers such as Amazon, Party City, and Spirit Halloween offer Left Shark costumes for both adults and children.

Left Shark Group Costume Ideas

Want to make your Left Shark costume even more fun? Gather a group of friends to dress up as the other characters from Katy Perry’s halftime show. You can have a Right Shark, a palm tree, or even Katy Perry herself. This group costume idea is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party.

Left Shark Accessories

To complete your Left Shark look, consider adding some fun accessories. You can wear a blue wig or hat to match the hoodie and sweatpants, or even carry around a small inflatable beach ball to represent the beach theme of the halftime show.

Left Shark Costume Variations

If you want to put a unique twist on your Left Shark costume, consider incorporating different colors or patterns. You can create a tie-dye Left Shark costume, or even a rainbow-colored one. The possibilities are endless.

Left Shark Halloween Makeup

Want to take your Left Shark costume to the next level? Consider adding some makeup to enhance the shark-like features. You can use blue and white face paint to create a shark’s mouth and teeth, or even add some black eyeliner to create a fin shape around your eyes.

Left Shark Dance Moves

Of course, no Left Shark costume is complete without the signature dance moves. Practice your best out-of-sync dance moves to really embody the spirit of Left Shark. You can even choreograph a group dance with your friends dressed up as the other characters from the halftime show.

Left Shark and Pop Culture

Left Shark’s popularity has transcended beyond just Halloween costumes. The character has become a pop culture icon and has been referenced in various TV shows, movies, and even video games. Left Shark has become a symbol of fun and lightheartedness, and is sure to continue to make appearances in popular culture for years to come.


In conclusion, dressing up as Left Shark for Halloween is a fun and unique idea that is sure to be a hit. Whether you choose to create your own costume or purchase one, adding some accessories and dance moves will really bring the character to life. So, embrace your inner Left Shark and have a fin-tastic Halloween!

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