How To Draw Elmer The Elephant

We can see that the technique I used there is different. On day on and day two after reading Elmer.

Draw A Patchwork Elephant Elephant Drawing Elephant Patchwork

Repeat until Elmer The Elephant is completely tactile.

How to draw elmer the elephant. 662019 Learn to draw an elephant with me step by step. Then depending on your. You can also see the elephant trunk forming.

Brightly coloured tissue paper. 792014 This is the elephant from the first book and its the first time we really see Elmer. Draw another shape just like it under it.

It makes a really colorful bulletin board. 572018 Elephant Drawing Instructions Step 1. Finish up the trunk.

Apply glue to one square in the grid. 8192020 First review what it means to be unique and what makes Elmer special his ability to bring laughter and joy to the herd. This drawing activity for kids is inspired by the picture book Elmer.

Cut around the bottom of the milk bottle handle and continue around the bottle to create Elmers legs and trunk and begin covering the surface with pva glue. Elmer is not like ot. Next I draw a large elephant.

Once we finished they traced their pencil lines with a marker. K-1st grade they are grouped together in my school created their very own Elmers. Now its your turn – how would you draw Elmer.

There were a lot of steps to this project but in the end I enjoy how they turned out. 322012 Weve got a BIG challenge for you lot this month. Just sure youve got.

Once they colored Elmer in they wrote a couple of sentences to accompany their drawing. Follow our Art for Kids Pinterest board. Repeat until the square is covered.

Kids will use sponges to stamp patterns and colors and then turn their artwork into an elephant. Look at the illustrations in the book and think of speech thought bubbles for the elephants and other animals. Also start drawing the elephant head and a little lens shape at the bottom of the head.

First I tape down my white paper roll. Make alliterative sentences involving types of animals eg. How to Draw Elmer the Colorful Elephant.

5152019 After reading Elmer the Elephant comes the quick and easy setup. Were back again this week with our final post in the Preschool Book Club Series. What better way to kick off Elmer Day than share this incredible video from local artist Guy Who Does Art.

Then we carefully cut out ears that. The creator of Elmer David McKee is sharing his best tips for drawing an excellent elephant. Each is unique in its own way.

We love his Elmer the Patchwork Elephant drawing guide. Take pieces of tissue paper scrunch and place in the glued square. By David McKee we learned the basic geometric shapes needed to draw an elephant.

Stick tissue paper squares all over the elephant until he is completely covered. Then I asked them to draw vertical and horizontal lines to make the patchwork to then color in. This weeks book is Elmer.

Try some role play activities from Elmers point of view. Depending on which direction your elephant will be facing either draw an S or a reversed S. 5152013 I lead the class shape by shape of how to draw an elephant.

Before beginning the sticker activity I remind my child about the book Elmer the Elephant. Then have each child share why heshe is special using the sentence stem I am special because Finally everyone completes the Elmer the Elephant Writing Activity by writing the sentence and drawing a picture to match. An extraordinarily excited elephant a long lazy lion.

7142019 How to Draw Elmer the Colorful Elephant – YouTube. Our latest art project for kids is inspired by Elmer the Elephant. Cut squares to cover Elmer the elephant.

Add a cut square border glitter wiggly eye and let them dictate or write what makes them unique. Glue the next square and cover with tissue scrunches of a different colour. Its not just wash but I.

We used paper squares to make a patchwork on one side of a folded paper and grey squares to make an elephant colored elephant on the other side. Mark a 3cm x 3cm square grid on Elmer The Elephant.

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