How To Draw Elephants Ears

Learn how to draw an elephant. As usual our drawing starts with a simple sketch made of some basic shapes.

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Distinctive features of all elephants include a long trunk tusks large ear flaps massive legs and tough but sensitive skin.

How to draw elephants ears. Draw the eye sockets. After that draw another vertical line starting from up to down. I simply drew two s-curved lines from the head of the elephant to the tips of the ears.

Today we will learn how to draw an elephant. Well this information is enough for you guys so lets jump to the conclusion that you only have to draw an elephant head and you have to watch the video below for this to happen. I also drew a curved line on the side of the elephants head to give him some cheeks.

To draw an elephant in motion you should mark the direction of this motion. By the way the scope of his ears is equal to the length of an elephant keep this in mind. An easy step by step tutorial to draw a cute young elephant with large ears – an African species – in cartoon style.

The drawing of an elephant in detail Start this step by outlining the trunk and the huge ear of an elephant. Step By Step Guide. 572018 However if you want to be more specific you can draw rounded ears for an African elephant and more triangle like ears for the Asian elephant.

There are many easy sketch of ears which will help you to draw animal ears. Draw a cross on the face keeping in mind that its seen in perspective. Bend the legs and improve their thickness.

Show the head and trunk body and pelvis fore and hind limbs. Make a C like elongated structure for both the ears at left and right side. So lets start by drawing the general form of the ears.

Step 5 Draw the other ear. 3192016 African elephants have larger ears and concave backs while Asian elephants have smaller ears and convex or level backs. 4Draw the ears of the elephant from the upper intersect of the oval and circle.

If you are drawing animal ears for kids you can take idea from this site. 9232013 3Draw the elephants trunk and tusks. Follow to the ellipse to draw the head and trunk of the elephant looks like a warm water Step 03.

It is not difficult to draw a trunk according to the existing contour marking and the ear can be drawn in any shape. Draw flat cushions under the feet. All the best Elephant Ears Drawing 33 collected on this page.

Now you can easily learn how to draw animal ears. You can show this with a line of the spine or an arrow as it is shown in the picture below. Draw a few more strokes to see more clearly the trunk and its ear.

How to Draw Animal Ears. 5Add the details of the elephants face. 10102017 Elephants have very straight legs and they walk on their fingertips.

Drawing a Cartoon Elephant1Draw a medium sized circle and add a. Next up we will add the eyes to the elephant. The eyes are two simple elongated ellipses that sit insight the guidelines that we drew earlier.

Also draw a line from the tusk towards the ear but dont make it all the way to the ear. 8272019 African elephants have larger ears and concave backs whereas Asian elephants have smaller ears and convex or level backs. Draw the cheekbone and the base of the ear.

Way To Draw Elephant Ears Elephants are the biggest animal on Earth if you are wishing to draw elephant ears then make them as simple as you can for better finishing.

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