How To Draw Cool Snake Step By Step

How To Draw Cool Snake Step By Step

Draw an eye and two vertical lines on top of snake s body. Here add finishing touches to the snake s head and mouth for the full.

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This is the upper part of the body.

How to draw cool snake step by step. A green shade looks apt on the body of the venomous reptile. Then draw the curves that connect and complement the first half of the snake s body as well as the other half of the body which will become more slender near the tail. How to draw a snake step by step this is a free online tutorial on how to draw a snake step by step.

Another characteristic of the snake is that they are amniote and ectothermic. How to draw a snake. Now draw the head for which you need to first draw a triangle and then give it the streamline shape as shown in my drawing.

To draw a snake start by making a circle for the head. You might need a few trial and errors before you get the shape perfectly. How to draw a snake step 15.

Snakes snakes and more snakes. In this quick tutorial you ll learn how to draw a snake in just a few quick steps but first snakes are leg less scaled reptiles or squamata and are believed to be descendants of lizards. The few snake fossils that have been found suggest that snakes existed up to 125 million years ago.

A snake can be described as an organism which is legless and also a carnivorous type of reptile. The specie belongs to the serpents group that can be tagged differently from the lizards that are also legless. Next draw a curved shape that overlaps the circle a little at the right to be a framework for the body.

Now draw another curved line starting from the middle of the belly below the other line and draw it to the left making it loop back up where the other line ends. Finish drawing the snake s head. I just can t seem to get enough of snakes when it comes to art and making tutorials.

Here add few touches to the snake s head. Note that the small arches drawn in the latter steps are nothing but the scales on the body of the reptile. Draw the body by drawing a curved line from above the belly towards the left.

The red eyes and tongue spell danger.

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