How To Draw A White Tiger For Kids

Below are the individual steps – you can click on. See more ideas about animal drawings tiger drawing drawings.

White Tiger On A White Background Download A Free Preview Or High Quality Adobe Illustrator Ai Eps Pdf Tiger Painting Tiger Cartoon Drawing Cartoon Drawings

Use a marker to draw the paws.

How to draw a white tiger for kids. Begin by drawing the basic shapes of a tiger. Nov 8 2016 – Explore Ellen Boundss board TIGERS- DRAWING AND PAINTING TIGERS followed by 10590 people on Pinterest. Black marker crayon Read.

Start your tiger shark with a pointed nose and head. Leave space on the bottom for a fin right behind the mouth. Now lastly draw out the outline of the tigers head and ears.

Then draw two more circle shapes for the front of the shoulders of the white tiger. The body of a tiger will be consist of two simple circles. Draw an inverted triangle with two lines at both sides for the nose.

Draw a long curve for the back connected to a curve for the belly. Draw a series of ovals for the lower mouth and ears. There is a small curved line toward the top.

How to Draw a Tiger For Kids – Step-by-Step Tutorial. Next add a circle for an eye and a line for the mouth. After that draw in the tigers nose and lip loops and the lining of the bottom jaw.

Then box in the snout with a triangle below for the nose. Its not a white tiger or a Siberian tiger or an African tiger – Heres a Bengal tiger cub with a friendly face. Draw two circles for the eyes and paint in the eyeballs black.

The snout is twice the width of the nose. How to draw a white bengal tiger striped EASY SLOWLY step by step for kids and beginners Fanpage facebook drawing for kids. Measure and cut 5 inches from the bottom of the bag.

Below this draw two bumps for the mouth. How to Draw a Tiger – Step-by-Step Tutorial. Now draw a curved line under the snout to make the lower jaw.

First draw a circle and then divide the shape up with lines for help. Draw two circles for the upper mouth. Draw curves on both sides of the head of your tiger.

100 8 votes Step 1. Paint the white paper plate in a thin coat of orange paint. Three ovals make the paws.

Here are some facts about Tigers that you might find fascinating. How to Draw a White Tiger. Now cut the letter U from the bottom front and back of the bag.

Download the free tiger template print and cut out the pieces. Next draw out the almond shaped eyes with the pupil in the middle. Hope You all EnjoySupport the Channel AKA The Tip JarhttpspaypalmeArtSimplehttpswwwpatre.

How To Draw a Tiger step by step in this drawing tutorial well demonstrate you how to draw a Tiger in some easy steps. Learn to draw A White Tiger. First draw a short crooked U shaped snout and nose.

Sketch in two bumps on the top for the ears. This is the nose. Steps To Draw A Tiger For Kids How To.

Draw a circle for the main section of the head. Color this tiger face orange leaving the eyes white. In this quick tutorial youll learn how to draw a Bengal Tiger in 9 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

Let dry completely before you move on. How to Draw a Tiger Face We will teach you how to draw a tiger face through a step by step lesson made for kids like you. Start by drawing out a big round circle for the face.

To sketch this tiger Draw a large circle. Use orange color to color the bag and draw. This step by step free lesson helps you draw a Tiger In 4 different options.

Decide whether you want the tiger. The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved. Static_ghost November 13 2013.

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