How To Draw A Good Elephant

For the front legs draw a pair of parallel curved lines. At the bottom of each leg draw short lines to begin the feet.

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Next draw a large eye in between the top of the head and the tusk.

How to draw a good elephant. Take a black felt-tip pen. If you want to make a more realistic elephant copy our almost-circle shape that resembles a big elephants ear. Draw a large circle in the middle of your sheet of paper.

10102017 Draw the width of the feet on the ground. Begin drawing the elephants legs. Beginners are often reluctant to use a reference because it can feel like cheating.

However even professional artists lean on references when. Step 2 Sketch the actual anatomy of the legs. To the upper edge of the line we paint an unfinished oval.

Approximately in the middle of the sheet we depict a vertical wavy line in the end we round it. In many western cultures the elephant drawing is considered a symbol of Reliability Power Wisdom Royalty Pride happiness and good luck. An easy choice can be the belly as being the middle part the head and his back.

Tips for drawing Elephants divide the elephant body into parts and choose the order you are going to do them. Compare the length of the legs to the rest of the body. Not the shape of the knees.

Now draw the elephants ear with a circle overlapping the first. CLICK IMAGE FOR BIGGER VERSION. Are you ready to learn how to draw a elephant.

Notice the angles of the legs while the animal walks. It will serve as a basis for the body of an elephant. Here we have collected 10 cool elephant drawings for your inspiration.

The joints and the direction of the bones. How to draw an elephant easily and simply. Then continue up and connect with the edge of your small circle and follow that edge up and to the right making your elephants head.

Please observe the body well again. Begin by drawing a circle to form the elephants head you can draw a whole circle here or copy our three-quarter circle as pictured below. Basically to draw an elephant is very simple but it has a few tricky parts.

5212020 How to Draw an Elephant Easy Tutorial Start on the left side of the small circle about at the same height as the top of the circle and draw a u shape down to make your elephants trunk. 492019 How to Draw an Elephant Using the Word ElephantThank you for watchingWatch more videos. This is the chin.

Always compare the length of the legs with the rest of the body pay attention to the angles of the legs when it walks. 1252019 The best way to start when drawing a life-like representation of an elephant is to look at reference pictures. Elephants have very straight legs and they walk on their fingertips.

Draw a small squiggly line next to the tusk. First draw the basic outlines of the elephants body.

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