How To Draw A Cute Anime Elephant

5Draw the outline of your body and two arms and one leg. Enjoy each of the steps on how to draw a cute elephant.

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Paste an oval at the bottom of each foot and use small U lines to indicate the toenails.

How to draw a cute anime elephant. On the sides of the trunk we have tusks. 8102017 Follow along to learn how to draw this cute cartoon elephant animal step by step easy. Draw a few more strokes to see more clearly the trunk and its ear.

Add the basic facial features which are the eyes and the mouth of the mammal. Elephant is in motion. Drawing the Elephant step by step with a 6B pencil.

Then draw two ovals and draw another oval inside each oval to get the eyes. March 24 2016 автором. Cute Baby Elephant Drawing.

7Finally color it carefully the cute cartoon elephant is finished. Draw a pair of lines to form the elephants tail. SUPPLIES You Might Love Am.

6Draw another leg and the hands and feet. Then draw a tail and the details on the eye and nose. This is a dynamic picture which means that the elephant is walking.

At its end widens the curves and allows them to meet at some jagged point. Draw eyes completely then draw body hind leg and tail. This forms buns at the ends of the tail.

3Draw the elephants nose and draw some lines on it. Basically to draw an elephant is very simple but it has a few tricky parts. How to draw a realistic elephant Final step.

Start with the head shape and then draw the upper body and then the coned end. On it we depict strips in a horizontal position. Cute Baby Elephant Drawing.

3242016 How to Draw Baby Elephant Cute Anime Animals обновлено. Draw a spiral on each knee. Please observe the body well again.

Sketch the suited lines for the tusk of the elephant emphasizing this distinct part. Round it and draw a line to the trunk. As you can see youll start this step by creating some circles that will connect to each other.

Shadows will add volume and the image of an elephant will be more realistic. If you decide to draw only with a simple pencil then you need to take a soft pencil 2M and apply shadow. Color your cute baby elephant.

By this step you should already completely draw the elephant and begin painting the picture. Notice the angles of the legs while the animal walks. To the head we finish a large and thick trunk.

5162018 Make the large head shape of the elephant. 6Finally simply color it and the cute little elephant is done. Draw two arcs as eyebrows.

4Draw the mouth of the elephant and then draw two short front legs. Compare the length of the legs to the rest of the body. Starting from the middle of the left ear draw a horizontal line in the left direction.

Follow to the ellipse to draw the head and trunk of the elephant looks like a warm water Step 03. Finally draw a line for the nose or trunk. 3Draw two big ears and complete the outline of the head.

4Draw an eyebrow above the eye then the mouth and ivory. Sketch the floppy ears of this cute elephant. Art for kids drawing tutorial lesson.

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