How To Draw A Chinese Tiger Step By Step

In the upper circle represents. First draw a short crooked U shaped snout and nose.

How To Draw A Tiger In Photoshop Digital Drawing Tutorial Drawing Tutorial Digital Illustration Tutorial Digital Drawing

Steps to Draw Tiger Face.

How to draw a chinese tiger step by step. Now the next step is to draw the tigers ear and then rub the extra lines of the lines as shown in the figure. Draw tree clouds and horizon line to the background. This step by step free lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the Tiger.

This is how to give a tiger its stripes and so much more. Draw the tigers face. Also add some spots on the hind paws and the four legs.

Easy step by step how to draw Tiger drawing tutorials for kids. A tigers roar is so loud it can be heard 5 miles 8 km away. If the sketch looks good darken it.

Step 1 Draw a large circle for the head. Tigers today still present an image of strength and speed. In this quick tutorial youll learn how to draw a Tiger in 7 easy steps -.

Do the same with the rest of the body. Learn how to draw Tiger simply by following the steps outlined in our video lessons. The snout is twice the width of the nose.

Draw the tail of the S tiger on the background. Theyre one of the most popular mascots for sports teams and cartoon tigers like Shere Khan and Hobbes loom large in pop culture. Sketch egg-shaped ovals for the eyes.

Draw a tail on the back of the tiger. This is the nose. Kids will enjoy these printable step by step instructions on how to draw a cartoon tiger.

Learn to Draw a Tiger. When exceptionally hungry tigers have been known to devour up to 65 pounds 30 kg of meat in one feedingStart drawing the tiger by following each of the six steps in sequence. Before you draw the stripes its better to sketch them lightly first to see how they all work together.

Step 2 Draw fur on both the sides of the circle by continuing a pattern of short curved lines. And then form the fur of the chin below with short spiky lines. First sketch the pattern on the head.

In this drawing lesson well show you how to draw a Tiger in 6 easy steps. How to Draw a Tiger. Step 3 Erase the circular outline.

Now draw the four legs of the tiger under the body of the tiger image. It will make the picture clearer with the perfect outline. Draw a line across the snout to indicate the nose and between the mouth portions to form the lower jaw.

Use overlapping U shaped lines to form the snout and upper portions of the mouth. How to Draw a Tigers Stripes Step 1. 4 Sketch the long tail and add parallel lines to highlight more details.

Add for feet and double arches for ears. Color your drawing use yellow and black for the tiger and a combination of green yellow and blue for the background. They make it easy for anyone to put together a great drawing just by joining simple shapes together – a fun way to learn to draw.

Draw a tiger step by step. Try to accentuate the 3D form of it with curved lines. There is a small curved line toward the top.

Step 4 Connect the top of the head by using a simple curved line including U shaped ears. Draw a pointed spike-like structure all over the body leg and head for the tiger print. Unlike most cats tigers enjoy being in the water and are quite agile swimmers.

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