Ferret Food Rating Chart

Ferret Food Rating Chart

All Foods are given a ranking in points and point ranges are divided into tiers. In some countries it is illegal to feed ferrets to live whole prey.

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For optimal health look for ferret food with these concentrations.

Ferret food rating chart. Your email address will not be published. What ferrets would eat have eaten and should eat are often very different. Best Water Bottle for Small Pet Bunny Ferret Hamster Guinea Pig Critter.

What is the best ferret food. Keep in mind that it is impossible to determine the exact quality or the meat content of a food from just the information that is required to be on its label. There are quite a few brands of ferret food available online and in pet stores.

C 50 22 hydrolyzed pork chicken meal poultry fat potato starch. Named meats and meat meals. Many ferrets have had issues with this food.

Blue TierSolidly good foods. Transition slowly if using. C 40 20 chicken meal wheat flour chicken fat potato protein chicken Pretty Bird Natural Gold Ferret.

These all have a minimum of 40 protein. Of at least 75 animal ingredients. Some ferret owners will opt to feed their ferrets whole prey.

It also penalizes high amounts of carbohydrates that the food contains you plan to offer. Providing a suitable diet is essential for your ferrets good health and happy life. Most important have fun and choose your ferret food wisely.

After that it also moves on to score the quality of their main sources. Wild ferrets exclusively eat small rodents such as prairie dogs so it is important a domestic ferret has a diet that is full of protein to keep their muscles healthy and fat to keep them energized. 2112019 Another important aspect of giving your ferret such food is that it comes with a nutrition chart that helps in keeping track of the calories that are fed to the ferrets.

Green TierExcellent Foods that a ferret can thrive on. Named animal fats or oils. Ferrets are strict carnivores meaning they should eat mostly meat and animal-based food.

The criteria for the FerretEdu food chart is derived from the MoreDooks chart scoring system all credit goes to original creator. More Dooks Ferret Food Chart rates foods by assessing the amount of protein and fat that each food contains. Before much research was done into ferret nutrition ferrets were traditionally fed live and dead animalseverything from mice rats rabbits and squirrels to frogs lizards and chicks.

At least 30 to 40 animal-based protein. So you should stick to high-protein and grain-free ferret food. Look for ferret food with a named whole meat as the first.

Therefore as it is with many reptile owners ferret. You can choose the dry food and give it along with the raw meat for increasing the calorie intake in your ferrets. Ive simply taken the criteria they developed and applied it to newer foods Each percentage of protein and fat that is in the food earns 051 points.

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1192021 ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet. More Dooks Ferret Food Chart Summary This ferret food chart mathematically rates dry ferret cat and kitten foods. The minimal amount of protein that is acceptable in food that ferrets eat on a regular basis is 36.

Most of them are grain-free and provide a promise. C 40 20 chicken meal wheat flour chicken fat potato protein chicken Pretty Bird Natural Gold Ferret. Are Ferrets Good Pets.

The first 6 ingredients are rated on a weighted scale meaning points are more greatly affected by ingredients that are higher on the list. C 50 22 hydrolyzed pork chicken meal poultry fat potato starch. Diarrhea dehydration upset tummes.

6 for the first ingredient 5 for the second 4 for the third 3 for the fourth 2 for the fifth 1 for the sixth. At least 20 to 30 fat. 12182018 Other Best Ferret Food Whole Prey.

Ideally less than 10 carbohydrates. This is feeding a ferret much like their diet would subsist of in the wild. This means feeding the ferret a variety of whole carcasses such as baby chicks and micerats.

Less than 3 fiber. Fat is also important. 4132020 Ferret Epigen 90.

A quality ferret food should contain at least 30 crude protein and 18 crude fat and no more than 4 crude fiber. Ferrets need plenty of protein in the form of meat. So TOP3 of ferret food 1 Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Small Animal Food for Ferrets 2 Kaytee Premium Ferret Nutrition Diet Pet Food 3 Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle.

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