Elephants Rush To Greet Newborn

Now we aint saying elephants are better than humans but they can surely teach us a thing or two about. The video made by the Save the Elephants Foundation captures a herd of elephants at the Elephant Nature Park as they rush to greet a newly adopted baby elephant named Dok Geaw.

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Dok Gaew was orphaned as a baby and is now being introduced to his new home.

Elephants rush to greet newborn. 5302017 A herd of very excited elephants at the amazing Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Thailand rushed to greet the sanctuarys newest arrival a young male calf named Dok Geaw who was calling out to them. Think and calculate they know how to work as a team. And watching as the elephant herd comes rushing over to say hello was like something from a movie.

The video which shows an elephant herd running happily over to greet the newest member of the family has since gone viral. Elephants are known for their intelligence and complex level of understanding and cooperation so its not a huge surprise that the entire herd would so gladly welcome a stranger into the mix. Recorded in Kruger National Park in South Africa this incredible footage shows the moment when a herd of elephants rush over to help this baby stuck in a mu.

472019 Somehow the other elephants new instinctively that Dok Geaw had lost his mother and that he desperately needed their help. 5292017 Elephants run to greet a rescued baby elephant because yes they are better than us By Heather Dockray 2017-05-29 155732 UTC Can we please return to the stage of evolution when elephants. The elated pachyderms reached through Dok Geaws pen with their trunks to caress him and let him know that he was welcome.

Upon arrival at the babys. Elephants demonstrate an understanding of cooperation that has never been confirmed only in humans and our closest relatives. 622017 Immediately after his arrival Dok Geaw was enthusiastically greeted by his new herd Dok Rak Dok Ngern Dok Mai Faa Mai Faa Sai and Sri Nuan who were so happy to see the little guy they immediately ran over to greet him.

This orphan found his forever family. Elephants rush to greet a new rescued baby at a nature park in Thailand. Caitlin OConnell-Rodwell is an adjunct professor at Stanford and was able to provide some insight into what happened.

5312017 A video shared to YouTube of the moment Dok Geaw trumpeted to alert the other elephants of his arrival has been viewed more than 14million times since it was uploaded last weekend. Entire Elephant Family Rushes to Greet Newborn Calf in This Rare and Touching Video 5 years ago. They Protect Those They Love.

Herd of elephants rush to greet newly rescued baby elephant. An Elephant Herd Rushes to Greet a Newly Rescued Baby Elephant – Happify Daily Cigna announces expanded relationship with Happify Health to support the emotional health of millions of its members. The short clip filmed at Elephant Nature Park shows 1 year and 9-months-old orphan elephant Dok Gaew who receives the warmest welcome ever.

The older elephants reached out their trunks to pet Dok Geaw and he cried out to greet them in response. As soon as he arrived at the sanctuary the older elephants rushed over to greet him much to the workers surprise. Even though it might not seem like this elephant calf is in any real danger a baby elephant cant swim until its several months old.

Elephants can absolutely teach humans a thing or two about co-existing empathy and friendliness. When the elephants at this nature park and rescue realized that there was a new baby at the rescue they rushed over to say hello. The mother elephant and friends immediately know what the issue is.

This orphaned elephant is lucky to have been placed with other elephants who will take him into their fold and raise him the right way. Baby Dok Geaw had just been rescued and arrived at the nature park and was resting and adjusting in a pen. The short video clip was filmed at Elephant Nature Park and features an almost 2-year-old baby elephant named Dok Gaew.

They all gather around and use their trunks to greet the baby as much as possible through the slats. 5302017 A video showing the whole elephant herd running to greet a rescue baby elephant is going viral and for obvious reasons. Recorded in Kruger National Park in South Africa this incredible footage shows the moment when a herd of elephants rush over to help this baby stuck in a muddy bank.

Watch this team of elephants save a baby that is caught in the strong stream of the river. 1252021 The above video features a group of elephants from the park happily rushing to greet the new addition to the herd.

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