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1112019 NAKHON RATCHASIMA After a video of a wild elephant squishing a car driving through Khao Yai National Park went viral park officials Wednesday distributed 10 rules to follow when encountering a wild elephant. A video of the incident shows the large bull elephant trying to sit on a car.

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9212020 Find Khao Yai National Park Latest News Videos.

Elephant car khao yai this week in pictures. 10302019 The elephant called Deu sidled up to a car in Khao Yai National Park around 4pm Tuesday. 10302019 A large bull elephant has attempted to crush a car full of tourists that stopped on a road in Khao Yai national park in Korat Nakhon Ratchasima north east of Bangkok prompting national park staff to remind visitors what they should do if they are confronted by one of the mighty beasts as they drive through. 3132016 It is dry season and this year it is really dry.

1122015 The elephant can be seen on camera walking into a lane of traffic and putting its front legs on the hood of a car in Khao Yai National Park near the capital Bangkok the BBC reported. Matichon Driving through a quiet forest might sound like a peaceful thing to do but sometimes your leisurely drive can be unexpectedly disturbed by an uninvited guest – like this poor tourist. We also have a manhunt by the Korean Coastguard a zombie walk in Essen and Modi and Merkel in New Delhi.

1152021 A wild elephant killed an 80 year old man camping in Khao Yai National Park early this morning. An elephant was recently spotted sitting on the top of a car at a national park in Thailand. Lush evergreen forest backgrounds.

An 80-year-old man sleeping in a tent in Khao Yai National Park was killed by a wild elephant in the early hours of Friday. – khao yai stock pictures royalty-free photos. 30 mark of Thanarat Road in Pak Chong district in Khao Yai National.

In the video he can be seen rubbing against it before sitting fully on the vehicle. Please avoid getting to close as the elephants could. This terrifying incident took place along a small road at Khao.

1132015 The elephant crushed the silver family car by climbing on the bonnet as the vehicle tried to make its way through Khao Yai National Park. 1112019 IN TODAYS BEST PHOTOS from around the world we lead with an image from Khao Yai National Park in Thailand where a wild elephant charged at a car full of tourists. 1122019 In this photo taken on Oct.

He said do not yell or honk the horn at them and do not use flash to take photos. By district officials for a week. Nobody was hurt and the elephant soon calmed down and walked away.

1162019 A video of an elephant trying to sit on a tourist car in Thailands Khao Yai National Park has been going viral recently. Bangkok Post reports that Duea the 35-year-old elephant was taking a stroll around a tourist car and decided to put his entire weight on it by lowering itself on the roof of the car. Food in the forest as well as water are scarce in Khao Yai National Park so expect to see more.

Animals that sometimes stray from Khao Yai National Park. Elephant Bulls are mostly solitary and sometimes on the edge so please be careful on the roads. 11302018 A man has been killed by an elephant after his speeding car hit the animal.

Explore more on Khao Yai. After a Black Toyota stopped near the km. A large elephant was seen attempting to lie down on a car load of tourists stopped on a road in Khao Yai in a bizarre.

Pictures on Khao Yai National Park and see latest updates news information from NDTVCOM. Happy wild elephant in nature a herd of wild asian elephant eating green grass and playing in the grassland in rainy. Elephant climbs onto car at Khao Yai National Park Images adapted from.

Asian wild elephant Closed up adolescent elephant with only right ivory angle view front shot walking along the road and the national park staff which on the motorcycle tried to push it into the forest on the way Khao Yai National Park Thailand. Khao yai national park stock pictures royalty-free photos. The incident happened on Thanarat Road in the Khao Yai National Park in the Pak Chong district of Nakhon Ratchasima province on October 29.

Khao yai national park. 10242018 If an elephant approaches the car they should slowly drive backward or park until the elephants depart. 29 2019 a wild elephant stops a car on a road at Khao Yai National Park in Thailands Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Elephants during daytime on and along the road. Park officials believe the bull elephant was in musth which is when the elephant has rise in reproductive hormones and becomes aggressive. 80 year old Prayot Jitbun was sleeping in his tent when the elephant attacked.

The driver escaped unhurt with his car slightly damaged.

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