Awasome Black Cat Anime Character References

Awasome Black Cat Anime Character References. Takashi kondo (jp), minami takayama (jp, child), jason liebrecht (en), luci christian (en, child), sergio mesa (sp) formerly the chrono number xiii and the world's best warrior, nicknamed the black cat for the bad luck he brought ro his targets, train abandoned his career as an assassin to become a. She has bright magenta eyes like her creator tearju lunatique (though in the manga tearju has.

Awasome Black Cat Anime Character References
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Unfortunately, however, despite their efforts, the dynamic duo always seems to be. Black cat official character book matatabi black cat visual guide book; Looking for information on the anime black cat (tv) (black cat)?

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All characters in the manga black cat. All characters and voice actors in the anime black cat. Two years earlier train was a chronos number, a ruthless assassin and number xiii of the group.

Soul Eater Features Blair The Black Cat Girl.

Train heartnet is an amicable bounty hunter—known as a sweeper—with a talent for sharpshooting. Black cat official character book matatabi black cat visual guide book; Train is a lighthearted, courageous man who is highly skilled with.

Eve Has Long, Honey Blonde Hair That Also Doubles As A Weapon In Many Of Her Battles.

It debuted in japan on the anime satellite television network animax and the terrestrial tokyo broadcasting system network on october 6, 2005. The story centers on a man named train heartnet who withdrew from an elite. Train heartnet (トレイン=ハートネット, torein hātonetto), also known as black cat (黒猫, kuro neko), is the protagonist and a sweeper partnered with sven.

Black Cat Official Character Book Matatabi Black Cat Visual Guide Book;

5.2.2012 · looking for information on the anime smile precure! She, sven vollfied, and train heartnet work together as sweepers. Donning the moniker black cat in the underground world, the elite killer.

Of The 122448 Characters On Anime Characters Database, 50 Are From The Anime Black Cat.

An oddity on this list, sakamoto is actually just a cat. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime black cat (tv): Eve is a genetically engineered.

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