+22 Ant Hill Art Video References

+22 Ant Hill Art Video References. Collection of ant hill art sculptures. 5 out of 5 stars (4) $ 415.00 free shipping add to favorites.

+22 Ant Hill Art Video References
Ant Hill Art Aluminum BREWTC from brewtc.blogspot.com

Like an archaeologist dusting a fossil, the artist then cleans the aluminum mass, finally revealing the anthill’s intricate composition. Furthermore, you can open your own anthill art store and sell it for profit. @tracey t glad you enjoyed the video, i too would love to find one, plus a glass creation made from lightening rods in the sand would be cool.

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In This Video You'll See How He Pours Molten Aluminum Into The Ant Hill, And After It Has Cooled He Digs It Out.

These art creations weigh anywhere from two to twenty pounds, and can stand between ten inches and three feet tall. #anthill, #anthillchallenge, #anthillart, #anthilllines, #anthills, #anthillmob, #anthillkids. Furthermore, you can open your own anthill art store and sell it for profit.

Dansha Farms Ant Hill Art, Aluminum Casting Sculpture.

Anthill art pours aluminum into anthills and lets it harden. Video games decals & skins cameras. The sculpture is then excavated and blasted with water to remove dirt and impurities, and the final piece reveals the amazing twists.

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Anthill art(@anthillart), matt(@yavez77), floridafoxanthillart(@floridafoxanthillart), melt and pour(@meltandpour), preston hill(@prestonhill91). Anthill art, keystone heights, florida. 5 out of 5 stars.

While He Only Works With Abandoned Ant Colonies, In My Opinion His Method Is More Humane Than The Slow Death That The Ants Suffer When Poisoned.

The creator of anthillart.com and his website gallery became extremely popular when a video of the artist casting an ant hill sculpture out of a molten aluminum alloys went viral in 2014. And we must admit, from one aluminum casting manufacturer to another, these arthropod aluminum extrusions are pretty impressive. #anthillart #sculpture #metalart #art #aluminum #wallart #share @eclecticmetalart #kapwing #interiordesign.

The Resulting Cast Is Huge, Weighing 17.9 Lbs.

Tiktok video from eclectic metal art (@eclecticmetalart): They may be used so that we can show you our advertisements on third party sites, measure the effectiveness of those advertisements, or exclude you from display advertising. 2:pouring the melted metal liquid.

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