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Copy and paste 🐜 ant emoji for iphone, android and get html codes. Depicted as a black or red ant in full profile on its six legs facing left, with a prominent abdomen and antennae. Bowdle, brian and dedre gentner.

It May Appear Differently On Other Platforms.

Also in the above tables you will find 🐜 meaning, 🐜 code html or some of the codes used in programming. There is 98 representation of animals on unicode library. The complete list of emojis under the animal & nature emoji group (or category).

An Ant, A Small, Industrious Insect That Lives In A Colony.

Ant emoji appeared on ios 6.0, android 4.3, emojione 1.0 for the first time. Worker (creating the colony and gathering food), soldier (protecting the colony and ants), queen (laying eggs to grow the colony). Ant emoji is the picture of the tiny and hardworking πŸ› bug of ⚫ black.

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Html react vue svelte ember svg. Iconify svg framework makes using. Introduced in unicode version (and release year) 6.0 (2010) introduced in emoji version (and release year) 1.0 (2015) unicode.

🐜 Ant (Ant | Insect) | Categories:

Depicted as a black or red ant in full profile on its six legs… πŸͺ² beetle. Angry | face | mad: May be used to represent various insects or other bugs.

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