Animal Planet Indus River Dolphin

Animal Planet Indus River Dolphin

46 – 58 feet. Once close to extinction the long billed vultures population is on increasing since 2006 after banning the deadly diclofenac sodium.

This Ancient Species Discovery Finally Explains Where River Dolphins Come From Fossils Earth Touch News

The Yangtze Finless Porpoise calls the Yangtze River the longest river in Asia home.

Animal planet indus river dolphin. 7252019 They are the Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphin Ganges River Dolphin Hectors Dolphin Indus River Dolphin and Irrawaddy Dolphin. Ten years later the government of Punjab declared the Indus river dolphin to be its state aquatic animal similar raising this speciess conservation status. 12182020 These species include the Amazon River Dolphin the Bolivian River Dolphin the Ganges River Dolphin the Indus River Dolphin the Irrawaddy Dolphin the Yangtze Finless Porpoise and the Tucuxi.

Read about the first new species of river dolphin found in a century. The Ganges river dolphin is primarily found in the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers and their tributaries in India Bangladesh and Nepal while the Indus river dolphin is now found only in the main channel of the Indus River in Pakistan and River Beas a tributary of the Indus in Punjab in IndiaThe Ganges river dolphin has been recognized by the government of India as its National Aquatic Animal. Its teeth are said to be visible even when the mouth is closed.

Support WWF in its conservation efforts. 1984 – 5071 pounds. The most threatened of the five rhino species the remaining approximately 60 Javan Rhinos live in Ujung Kulon National Park in Java Indonesia.

Estimated about 1100 remain. The Indus River Dolphin weighs in at roughly 150 pounds on average. Learn more about the Indochinese Tiger an endangered species.

Indian Elephant Estimated between 20000 and 25000 remain. From just 500 to 600 individuals left the population of the Indus River dolphin has now increased to about 2000 individuals. Their population numbers went down drastically after an irrigation system was built and they continue to be hunted by local fisherman for bait meat and medicine.

River Monsters Extreme angler Jeremy Wade is on the hunt for fish with a taste for human flesh. The South Asian river dolphin is split into two subspecies Ganges river dolphin and Indus river dolphin primarily found in the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers and their tributaries. Estimated between 600 and 650 remain.

Baiji Chinese River dolphin boto Amazon River dolphin franciscana La Plata River dolphin Ganges River dolphin and Indus River dolphin. Five species that live in rivers. Using echolocation to find prey dolphins eat a variety of food including fish squid and crustaceans.

Aggressive fishing almost brought about the. Its colorsbrown a range of grays or rarely a dusky pinkhelp the animal blend into the sediment-laden river. Ganges river dolphins are the National Aquatic animal of India and are native to the freshwater river systems of India.

The Indus River dolphin is one of the worlds rarest mammals and is only found in the Indus river of Pakistan. Indus river dolphins are one of only four river dolphin species and subspecies in the world that spend all of their lives in freshwater and are currently endangered due to bycatch hunting and pollution. The dolphin has evolved to thrive in the Indus.

Prior to 2006 the river was home to two different species of dolphins but the Baiji dolphin was declared functionally extinct in 2006. Learn more about this endangered species and how you can help. 6182020 An animal suited for the river.

People have benefited too. And its nearly blind as sight is unnecessary in the rivers murky waters. Vietnams last Javan Rhino was poached in.

This rip-roaring ride mixes action and adventure with mysteries edge-of-the-seat chase and a battle of wills between man and nature. Learn more about this endangered species and how you can help. Dolphins have poor eyesight and therefore rely on echolocation in order to find their prey.

Indus River Dolphins typically eat shrimp and fish like carp and catfish. It has a long pointed snout a stocky body and a low triangular hump on its back. With just about 1500 Indus River dolphins left on the planet these gentle creatures are considered to be one of the worlds most endangered groups of animals.

6192020 The Indus River dolphin is one of just two species known to lie on its side and flap its tail a behavior called side-swimming. 7312019 The Ind u s river dolphin is the second most endangered freshwater dolphin in the world due to many threats it faces including fragmentation of their habitat after barrages were built across the Indus River entanglement in fishing nets reduced flow of water in the river and pollution from surrounding industries. Indus River Dolphins are sexually dimorphic with females typically larger than males.

In 2009 the Government of India declared the Ganges river dolphins to be Indias national aquatic animal thus promoting their conservation and protection.

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