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African elephant – some fascinating facts and pictures African elephant facts and photos The African elephant is possibly the worlds most versatile herbivore. 382017 Pictures of African elephants including baby elephants elephant herds elephants in mud baths migrating elephants and more.

Facts African Elephant Elephant Facts African Elephant Facts African Elephant

African elephants are of the genus Loxodonta derived from Greek and this includes the two core species.

African elephant pictures and facts. Sub-saharan africa – african elephant stock pictures royalty-free photos. The elephant features the spongy pad on the foot. The African elephant Loxodonta Africana is the largest land animal in existence.

The pad is very important when the elephant moves. Check African animals facts here. They are also slightly larger than the Asian elephants.

It has four or five toes. 12122015 In addition to the above facts here are 15 interesting facts you will find fun about the African elephant. African elephants are the largest land animals on Earth.

African elephants loxodonta africana. Table of Contents show. African elephants once inhabited a range that stretched from the southern Sahara Desert to the southern tip of Africa and reached from the west coast of Africa to the Indian Ocean.

The average male stands 32 metres 105 feet at the shoulder and the females 26 metres 85 feet. Other characteristics include highly dexterous trunk and longer curved tusks. How big is an African elephant.

Female elephant with exceptionally long tusks. On the bottom of its feet the African Bush elephant possesses spongy pads which soften its footsteps allowing. Theyre the Largest Land Animal.

African elephants are more wrinkled and. They are slightly larger than their Asian cousins and can be identified by their larger ears that look somewhat like the continent of. Incredibly Elephants like Humans are left or right handed as they will.

Amboseli national park kenya. African elephants have large ears which allow them to. African elephant family takes an evening stroll along the banks of the Chobe River in Botswana.

4102017 The African elephant is considered the largest land mammal on the entire planet. Here are 10 incredible facts about African elephants that you can share with the kids or the whole family before your next safari trip 1. These gentle giants can be distinguished from their Indian counterparts by their huge ears.

The Trunk is in actual fact a limb and has an estimated 100 000 muscles and tendons. They can weigh as much as 14000 pounds 6350 kilograms. The average African Elephants Tusk can reach 15 to 24 meters and may weigh in at 23 to 45 kg.

Look at the foot African elephant. 8142019 Check out these African elephant fun facts to learn more about the impressive animal. There are actually two sub-species of the African elephants known as the Savannah elephant and the smaller forest elephant.

Well theyre the largest land mammals in the world. Fun Facts for Kids. Elephants can also be intimate with each other.

It is like a cushion which can take the strain of the leg and absorb the impact when the elephant walks. Facts about African Elephants 3. African elephants are known by their very big ears which serve different functions.

Equipped with its unique trunk which is an all-in-one multi purpose tool used for grabbing smelling drinking and broadcasting. They tower over the savanna grasslands at around 3 meters tall and mow down trees under their 6 tonne weight as they walk. Savannah elephants are larger than the smaller forest elephants and their tusks curve outwards.

The African bush elephant and the African forest elephant which is smaller. African elephants can reach heights of 13 feet 4 meters at the shoulder. 8312018 African Elephants are the worlds largest land animal.

This animal can eat 220 – 660 pounds 100 to 300 kg of food and use as much as 50 gallons 190 L of water per day. African Elephant Characteristics An African Elephants neck is quite high and slopes down towards its straight back. They are distinct from their Asian relatives by having larger ears that resemble the African continent.

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